A Complete Guide To Performing Arts Degrees In Australia

Have you ever thought about your career within the performing arts? Are you stuck and not sure where to start? If you want to be sure this is the path you would like to take, continue reading for a complete guide to how it all works.

A guide to selecting the best performing arts degree in Australia:

  • Make sure they offer both solo and collaborative classes that allow you to explore yourself in every aspect and work collaboratively and bounce off one another’s ideas and unique skills.
  • The course should offer a range of specialties that allows you to grow and learn from. For example, movement, voice and speech techniques, real combat, audition skills and building on industry relationships over the duration as well. The qualification should teach the skills that are required for success within the industry and for the future.
  • Students need to gain an individual voice to become a truly independent artist by the end of the degree
  • Ensure that along the way you will not be entirely alone. Courses should involve a lot of networking and building on those skills through contributing to things like film projects and writing a short film with peers. There should also be opportunities to work with producers and directors through storytelling in a music video, just to name a few of the many collaborative options.
  • If the course has an entry audition and interview this is great. It allows experts to not allow entry into the course for anyone who is unlikely to be successful.

Career options from completing a performing arts degree include:

  • Independent Performing Artist
  • Drama Teacher
  • Stage and/or Screen Actor
  • Theatre Director/Stage Manager 
  • Producer
  • Presenter
  • Professional Development

If this sounds like what you are looking for, then the performing arts school, APAC, could be for you. This particular performing arts school offers a range of options to choose from and holds a reputation for providing hands-on experience from key industry experts. You can choose from a variety of courses such as screen, stage and acting. These explore a wide range of techniques, help you develop future career skills and get the practical training necessary for success in the industry. APAC is a school that on completion leaves you set with achievements that allow you to be ready for your new adventure.

APAC (Australia Performing Arts Conservatory), enables you to be the best performing artist you can be. If you believe in challenging yourself and stepping it up to be the best of the best, then a course in performing arts is just what you need.

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