Tips to improve your filmmaking skills

Do you dream of becoming a filmmaker? Perhaps you’ve made some home videos, your own short film, or maybe you even work with a few clients. If you’re looking to hone your filmmaking skills, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our top tips on how to improve your filmmaking skills.

Be your own worst critic

The first step to improving your filmmaking skills is to acknowledge what it is exactly that you need to improve on. Watch and analyse your own work, taking note of everything you think you could be better. Consider your cinematography, your editing, and your dialogue, and ask yourself: would I pay to watch this? Sometimes being your own worst critic is the best way to motivate yourself to improve.

Learn everything there is to know about your gear

Another way to improve your filmmaking is to learn how to achieve the best image and sound with your equipment. Figure out all the bells and whistles of your gear by watching videos and reading articles. Once you have a sound understanding of your equipment’s capabilities, you can try to replicate what you’ve learnt, which is a great way to improve your skills.

Make a list of goals

The key to improving any skill is having the motivation to do so. Motivate yourself to improve by creating a list of filmmaking goals. Maybe you want to film a wedding or create a music video for a band. Listing all of the places, things, or people that you’d like to film is a great way to stay motivated to work on your filmmaking skills.

Learn something new about your editing software

Just like you should learn everything there is to know about your camera equipment, you should also learn everything possible about your editing software of choice. Watch some video tutorials and learn something new about your editing software that you can put into practice to take your films to the next level.

Find a mentor

Another great way to hone your filmmaking skills is to find a mentor. This mentor should be someone who has more knowledge and experience than you and is someone who you can turn to regarding advice on your filmmaking. Finding the right mentor can be a huge step forward for you and your filmmaking career.

Ask your friends to watch your work

While it is always good to criticise your own work, sometimes we can be a little harsh on ourselves. Getting feedback from others is always a good idea if you are looking to improve. Invite some friends around and show off your work. Ask them what they think and take note of where they think improvements could be made. Receiving feedback from friends is also a great way to get used to hearing criticism from others.

Challenge yourself to try something different

Do you typically film the same kind of content? It might be time to challenge yourself and try filming something that you aren’t used to filming. Take your camera out to somewhere new, shoot some footage and try editing it together in a different format. Getting out of your comfort zone is an excellent way to make yourself a better filmmaker.

Make filmmaking friends

Networking is key to working your way up within the film industry. However, simply making like-minded filmmaking friends is a great way to grow your skills. Maybe you’ll meet a talented person who you want to collaborate with, or perhaps you just want a friend to share ideas with. Either way, making friends with positive people who share your passion is sure to inspire you to further hone your skills.

Try new cameras and lenses

Expand your filmmaking skills by trying out different cameras and lenses. This doesn’t have to mean going out and spending thousands of dollars on new equipment – you may choose to rent or borrow from a friend. When trying out different gear, determine the strengths and weaknesses of each camera in relation to your specific filmmaking style. Knowing which equipment best showcases your skills is a great way to better your films.

Study film

Of course, the best way to improve your filmmaking skills is to earn a qualification. Studying film will provide you with practical experience and plenty of opportunities to further develop your filmmaking skills. After all, a bachelor’s degree has become the entry-level benchmark internationally for the industry.

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