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What Are the Perks of Going to A Performing Arts School?

Performing arts is a form of creative activity performed in front of an audience, most commonly including acting, stage, music, and dance. Degrees focussed on performing arts are usually specialised and actively practical, being highly immersive to give students a cutting-edge, interdisciplinary experience. This then prepares them for a long career in the competitive industry.

Guidance, in any field, is super important. By attending a performing arts school, students are mentored by knowledgeable coaches and industry professionals, to help students identify their goals and how to go about achieving them.

Most performing arts degrees offer an overall foundation spanning various disciplines, and then give students the chance to select a particular discipline. However, some universities do offer specialised degrees for each of the main three branches of performing arts – song, dance, and acting.

No two students are alike, and most of the time, many students can find their interests in performing arts disciplines change, as they are exposed to various variations of the arts. To encourage and educate students on what performing arts are truly like for a career, most performing art schools employ industry professionals to teach and to advise, while some performing arts schools, like APAC, have degrees that transcend disciplines to expose students to a holistic performing arts experience. 

An example of this is APAC’s Bachelor of Screen & Stage (Song & Dance). A degree for students to develop their singing and dancing skills, that also teaches them stagecraft & production, by having students collaborate closely with actors & filmmakers. What is the purpose of all this? Well, it provides students with a holistic education of all aspects involved in the performing arts, to ensure graduates are as industry ready as possible.

Attending a performing arts school is meant to be a fun experience, you’re not in a traditional college or university setup where you are just another number. Performing arts schools are dynamic environments, full of passionate people, all creating interesting & amazing projects, both individually and as a group. 

A lot of the time, this is the main reason why so many students love their time at performing arts schools, as most graduate not only with an education that leaves them industry ready, but also provides them with amazing experiences and long life friendships.