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Faciendo artes nostra melius per

– Make our world better through performing arts


The Australian Performing Arts Conservatory (APAC) is an accomplished performing arts educator. Founded in 1993 by Marcus Hogan with a plan to fill a gap in Australian actor training, “the dream was to build an institution that would eventually offer a fusion of performing arts pathways”.


With a solid history teaching from an American based model, APAC has carved out an enduring reputation. Due to course growth and expansion, we rebranded from the original Actors Conservatory to become ‘The Australian Performing Arts Conservatory’, in an effort embrace a wider range of performing arts content. Now at the end of 2019 marking the close of its 26-year anniversary, the expansion continues as we usher in new degree programs with many more planned.


APAC retains the original legacy of teaching students in a supportive environment, guiding them with career planning and industry advice long after graduation and prides itself on the many graduates who have gone on to successfully work in film, television, theatre, music theatre and dance performance throughout Australia and the world.


APAC is dedicated to the core values of Excellence, Integrity, Industry Reliance, Inspiration, Innovation, and Challenge.


There is a myriad of possibilities open to students who wish to work in the creative industries, it all begins with the right training.

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