The Australian Performing Arts Conservatory continues to grow, with the intention of incorporating other performing arts programs.

The Australian Performing Arts Conservatory (APAC) offers BSSACT: Bachelor of Screen and Stage (Acting), BSSSCP: Bachelor of Screen and Stage (Screen Production) and  BSSSND: Bachelor of Screen and Stage (Song and Dance). These degrees have been carefully crafted by APACs curriculum development team of industry veterans led by Dr Chris Willems and with the expertise of the Conservatory’s founder Marcus Hogan (MFA/BFA/BA). Marcus graduated with honors from the Cornish Institute of Performing Arts in the United States, and completed his Masters Degree in Directing at Boston University. He also attended special training at the National Shakespeare Conservatory in New York and in all has spent almost 10 years training in the USA. Marcus continues to coach, direct, and produce professionally for the Conservatory in all major streams. His knowledge and skills have been the foundation for APAC and over the years have been progressively developed through industry consultation and practice.

His expertise, and APAC’s longstanding history of teaching performing arts in Brisbane will positively enhance your studies in your chosen course.

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