Pete Valley

Open Water 3: Cage Dive, 500 Miles

“The skills I learnt at APAC gave me the ability to land and tackle my first lead role one year after graduation in “500 Miles”, an Australian Indie film. As the years went on I realised the lessons I learnt at APAC were always there for me to lean on. Lessons that took me through to my supporting lead role in Cage Dive which had a two-year gap between filming. It went on the be picked up by Lionsgate and was seen on over 1200 screens worldwide.”

Mirko Grillini

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn, Treader, Neighbours, Home & Away, Refraction & more

“Committing to a two-year diploma at APAC was the beginning of a new exciting chapter – a lifelong journey in which my creativity was unleashed in uncharted territories. I learnt, I made long-lasting friendships and fell deep in love with the Arts.”

Emma Read

“APAC was a great springboard into the theatre and film industry. The training was comprehensive, challenging and delivered in a supportive environment. It paved the way for an exciting journey in the theatre world which took me to Off Broadway and 3 years spent working in the LA independent film scene. Further to that, the training translates into real-world skills such as public speaking and team workshops. Highly recommend!”

Julie-Anna Evans

“Since graduating from the Australian Performing Arts Conservatory in 2004, I’ve worked steadily as an actor in Brisbane and Melbourne. My experience is wide and varied, performing in roles across theatre, film and television. During my time at APAC I felt completely supported and aligned with the training. I felt like I’d finally found a safe place to push my boundaries and explore my true potential. APAC provided me with a solid foundation and a professionalism to spring board a lasting career. I still apply the teaching and techniques I discovered here to my work today. I will always remember my time at APAC fondly.”

Aaron Leigh Cox

“Being autistic and dyslexic, most people would never have believed I could complete a degree. Yet, because of the support that I received from my instructors at APAC, I am now a four-time graduate holding double bachelor degrees! The practical skills and knowledge I gained training at APAC not only prepared me for a career in the performing arts, but also helped to improve other aspects of my life such as communicating more confidently. I have since gone on to found my own film production company and to pursue a career as an actor and performer.”

Mark McConville

“I studied under the excellent training staff at APAC between 1998 and 2001. The course was fantastic, had wonderful teachers, was very comprehensive whilst also being a lot of fun. I believe that it had a major impact on my performance. I started out in the world of stand-up comedy. Recently I celebrated my 22nd year as a full time professional comedian. Now I travel the world and get paid to make people laugh and it all started with the solid foundations I received at APAC. If you are serious about having a long term career as an actor or performer, then this is a great place to start.”

Rahel Stanley

“APAC was an amazing learning experience for me! It enabled me to learn so much about myself and my capabilities as an actress. The educators always ensured classes were safe and supportive environments which was crucial for me to push my performance boundaries. My growth as an actress has landed me several great roles, including the lead in a feature film which previewed at a prestigious South Korean film festival. I would highly recommend making APAC your next step in your acting career.