What Is a Casting Director & What Makes a Successful Casting Director?

What is a Casting Director? A Casting Director is someone who casts an actor, dancer or singer into a film, tv program, radio show, theatre and other productions and roles.

What Is a Choreographer? Responsibilities of a Choreographer

A choreographer creates the steps incorporating movement for dance routines and performances. When staging new dances, choreographers take on several specific roles.

What Are The Types of Contemporary Theatre & Performance

What is contemporary performance? The term contemporary theatre and performance can be defined as a hybrid type body of work that incorporates art, dance, music compositions and more to create a piece of art.

What Is Slating? 4 Steps To Slate For An Audition

You want to be successfully cast but wait, you need to “slate”...what is slating?

An Introduction To Performing Arts & Its Range of Disciplines

It’s practiced around the world but not everyone understands what performing arts is and what disciplines fall under it.