APAC’s Short Film Changing Lives Selected for International Online Web Fest

In a momentous development, the Australian Performing Arts Conservatory (APAC) proudly marks a significant milestone as its production, “Changing Lives,” secures an official selection in the International Online Web Fest. This achievement stands as a testament to APAC’s commitment to transformative education and innovation within the performing arts.

Three years since initiating substantial changes to its educational framework, APAC has prioritised enhancing the skills of emerging performing artists, preparing them for the dynamic and demanding entertainment industry. The institution recognises that practice is fundamental to improvement in the performing arts and has, therefore, provided a comprehensive experience for its students. Going beyond personal skill development, APAC emphasises understanding the intricacies of the performing environment, acknowledging key roles on set, and fostering creativity within a structured framework. This collaborative approach includes engaging with directors, first assistant directors, cinematographers, art department professionals, sound engineers, and others.

In a bold move, APAC expanded the practical aspect of its curriculum by integrating the creation and production of short films and a TV pilot as part of the graduation requirements.

The pinnacle of this innovative approach was celebrated on Christmas Day, as APAC received the thrilling news of “Changing Lives” securing its first official selection in the International Online Web Fest.

Heartfelt congratulations are extended to Mirko Grillini and the entire team behind this exceptional achievement. Special recognition is given to John Martin and Sean Dennehy for their pivotal roles in conceptualising and implementing this groundbreaking strategy. Hing Ang and Esther de Schone are applauded for their unwavering commitment to cinematography, editing, and graphics. Amanda Grillini’s exceptional ability to craft immersive worlds on screen is acknowledged, alongside Quizmical Sound and Vision for their expertise in sound recording and Leo Guardo for contributing to the impactful sound design.

The success of “Changing Lives” serves as a testament to the dedication and collaborative spirit of everyone involved. As the famous saying goes, every journey, no matter how long, begins with a single step. APAC’s unwavering commitment to evolving its educational approach has undeniably taken a giant leap forward, marking a promising start to the cinematic endeavours of its talented students.

Introducing ‘CHANGING LIVES’ Student & Faculty Short Film – APAC