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What Does A Dance Degree Entail And What Career Pathways Does It Create?

Degrees in performing arts are on the rise, with more and more people actively pursuing their passions, and getting qualifications to turn those passions into careers. One of the most popular performing arts courses is a Bachelor of Dance. 

A Bachelor of Dance combines both practical and theoretical skills, to help provide students with a foundation of knowledge in different dance disciplines. Degrees in this area of study can include the teaching of ballet, jazz, or modern, while also diving into elements of choreography, stagecraft, and overall stage production. 

Students undertaking a Bachelor of Dance often do so to pursue a creative career that aligns with their passion, rather than a more traditional white or blue-collar role.

Most dancers with a passion for this artistry have drive, creativity, determination, resilience, and are multi-skilled, allowing them to explore a range of career outcomes. There are many fields that span the world of dance, whether it be a dance physiotherapist, a choreographer or even a stage designer to name a few.

Some other career paths that students of a dance degree commonly pursue include: 

  • Dance teacher
  • Dance instructor 
  • Professional dancer 
  • Professional choreographer 
  • Dance critic & talent agent
  • Production designer 

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably considering applying for a Bachelor of Dance, or have at the very least considered it as a future step. Something you probably didn’t know is that, at APAC, the degree offered isn’t just dance oriented, but is a Bachelor of Screen & Stage (Song & Dance). 

What does this mean? Well, it means that the degree’s whole purpose is to ensure students are as well prepared for this particular industry, and ready for a career in any performing arts role they feel most passionate about.

APAC equips their graduates with a contemporary edge over other dance degree graduates, and ensures they have the best possible chance of nailing down a career in the performing arts that aligns with what they truly love. 

If this sounds like something you are interested in pursuing, then APAC could be perfect for you. Use the link to explore their Bachelor of Screen & Stage (Song & Dance), get more information, and discover what could await you in a career in the performing arts.