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What Is Screen Production

We spend the majority of our time using technology these days, including devouring video content from our screens. This type of video content definitely falls under screen production, but there is a lot more to screen production than the filters on our phones, and the ring lights used by your favourite influencers. 

Screen production plays a part in all video content that we consume, ALL OF IT, from entertainment to educational. From the Tik Tok and Instagram reels you watch every day, to your all-time favourite TV shows and blockbuster movies. 

As this visual space continues to grow in our modern world, a significant number of people are looking to study a Bachelor of Screen Production, in order to be equipped with the skills to create high quality content, in all mediums. 

Bachelor degree options in this space are incredibly valuable, almost all of them integrate theoretical and practical elements, to provide their students with the creative and artistic skills needed for them to graduate as film and media production professionals. A Bachelor of Screen Production can lead to these future roles (but certainly not limited to):

  • Producing 
  • Scriptwriting 
  • Directing 
  • Cinematography 
  • Production design 
  • Digital video editing 
  • Sound recording and sound design.

The Screen Production degree offered by APAC, Bachelor of Screen & Stage has a reputation as one of the best on offer. APAC offers all the skills aspiring creatives would need to take their ideas and concepts, all the way through to the end product while making a successful career out of it.. 

Regardless of what discipline students choose to pursue in this space once they graduate, by studying at APAC, students comprehensively cover all aspects of screen production by:

  • Learning every aspect of pre- and post-production
  • Learning to write scripts, produce and direct. 
  • Work collaboratively in crew roles on short films, music videos, and TV commercials.
  • Developing key skills needed to turn creative vision into reality. 
  • Developing the skills needed to write and pitch an idea and promote themselves. 
  • Developing the business side skill of film production (budgeting, distribution, and marketing)
  • Learn from those who work in the industry.

In this increasingly competitive creative space, studying a multifaceted Bachelor of Screen Production such as this, is incredibly valuable for anyone who is looking to not only start a career in this industry but stand out as one of the best. 

There is so much more to screen production than people understand when they watch a final product, and those that have successful careers are those that have the most skills at their disposal. If you’re serious about a career in screen production, make sure you select a course that is both comprehensive, and helps cultivate your creativity to new heights.

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