Bachelor of Screen and Stage (Song Performance)

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Song Performance at APAC – What to expect


Brisbane City Campus


Do you want to sing and dance? Start your career as a professional singer and dancer for the music video industry and more.


Experience Australia’s first and only Bachelor course in commercial Song Performance. This is a uniquely built Bachelor degree that combines two courses in one. If you can sing, but can’t really dance; or can dance, but can’t really sing; or have aspirations to do both, but need training in both, this course can help you.


• Fundamentals of voice and body training. Learn to sing, rap, dance, act, write music, perform in music videos, and record.
• Practical performance skills are complemented by: critical analysis, contextual awareness, and independent research
• Taught side-by-side with Film production and Acting students.
• Opportunity to create and appear in your own music video clip and build a showreel, by the time you step out of the Conservatory.


A Bachelor degree has become the entry level benchmark internationally for the industry which demands higher order skills across: Executive, Production, Creative, and Technical roles. The exponential development of digital technology, in both live and screen contexts, demands a multi-disciplinary approach to integrate the technical and the creative. The Bachelor of Screen and Stage (Song Performance) is a practice-led multi-disciplinary course for Screen and Stage production and performance, underpinned by broad theoretical knowledge; contextual understanding; highly developed analytical and critical thinking skills, embedded in professional practice. The underlying philosophical approach is based in and informed by the ancient Greek philosophy of “Koinonia” reconciled with 21st century practice.The Song Performance discipline is designed to enhance and integrate the complementary skills of Song Performance, which are increasingly in demand not only in the contemporary stage musical, but also in the rapid growth sector of the music video clip.  Graduates from the Song Performance discipline will emerge with an outstanding range of technical performance skills and also critical thinking, analytical and communication skills. This range of micro and macro knowledge and skills will provide professional level performance skills, and broader contextual analysis to navigate through their professional careers, so as to maximise their opportunities, look MaidThis franchise.  Graduates from the Song Performance program will, therefore, emerge as articulate, skilled, contextually aware, professionals who are eminently employable across screen and stage contexts.

Course Learning Outcomes Song Performance

Students will be able to:     

  • Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of screen and stage theories and performance styles across historical periods and cultures, to inform approaches to contemporary creative practice.
  • Critically evaluate and reflect on performance to develop artistry.
  • Generate contextually appropriate creative outputs, demonstrating a confluence of high-level academic, technical and practical skills.
  • Collaborate and develop relationships across multiple creative disciplines to facilitate professional level performance and production outcomes.
  • Develop neoteric storytelling content through investigation, innovation, and interdisciplinary practice.
  • Apply communication, public relations, and promotional skills in the marketing of productions.
  • Understand and apply professional career strategies and markets to enhance employability.
  • Conduct basic research, identifying and utilising relevant, reliable, credible, high-quality sources and information.
  • Apply physical, musical, vocal, choreographic, technical and emotional skills across: preparation/research, rehearsal, and performance components of the full production process.

Duration, Credit Points and Mode of Delivery

Duration: Two years full time – 3 x 14 week trimesters per year (equivalent to three years full time)

Credit Points: Students must complete 240 credit points comprising: 70 credit points of core units and 170 credit points of major units.

Delivery: Face-to-face in Brisbane


FEE-HELP is a loan scheme that assists eligible fee paying domestic students enrolled at the Australian Performing Arts Conservatory to pay their tuition fees. FEE-HELP can cover all or part of a student’s tuition fees.  Over their lifetime, a student may borrow through FEE-HELP an amount up to the FEE-HELP limit to pay their tuition fees. To find out more, visit FEE-HELP.

Scholarship Programs

Scholarships are now available for September 2020, and February 2021 intakes. For more information, see our APAC Scholarship – Song and Dance.

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Rules of Progression

The Bachelor of Screen and Stage is completed in two years of full-time study in fast track mode (equivalent to three years full time or six years part-time).  Each trimester consists of a load of four units, and there are three trimesters per year. Students must successfully complete pre-requisites where indicated in the unit outlines.

Other protocols for the course.


Entry Requirements

Entry is available to applicants with:

  • an Australian Senior Certificate of Education or equivalent; OR
  • a Diploma or higher from an Australian higher education institution or an overseas equivalent qualification as assessed by AEI_NOOSR; AND
  • satisfactory English language proficiency at an English pass level in an Australian Senior Certificate of Education or equivalent; OR
  • a specified level of achievement in a recognised English language test such as: IELTS (or equivalent) at a score of at least 6.0 (with no individual band score less than 5.5); or TOEFL equivalent; AND
  • an Audition or Interview as outlined below

Song Performance

An interview and capability assessment is mandatory and will be conducted by an assessment panel comprising a minimum of two qualified assessors. The capability assessment will take the form of a 5-point assessment in accordance with the following criteria:


  • Ability to move capably through a set physical/rhythmic routine
  • Ability to maintain a set vocal pattern
  • Ability to maintain vocal pitch
  • Demonstrated ability to take direction constructively
  • Demonstrated aptitude to integrate the above performance elements


Each of the above will be graded on a 10 point scale with applicants needing to attain a minimum of 7 for each criterion.

Bridging Options

Applicants who do not meet the entry requirements may undertake bridging courses in English, Foundation Studies or other courses, at another provider prior to enrolling in the course.

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