How to ace your next singing audition

Preparing for an audition can be daunting. After all, you only have one shot to showcase your talents and impress the panel enough to score the role. However, auditioning for a singing role is about so much more than just your voice. Being prepared and going in with the right mindset is just as important. Whether you are auditioning to join a band or to score the leading role in a stage musical, there are a number of things that you can do to increase your chances of success. Here are our top tips on how to ace your next singing audition.

Prepare your voice

Acing an audition isn’t necessarily about having a good voice, but about being in good voice. If it has been a while since you’ve last sung, you can hardly expect to go into an audition and perform well. Singing every day, not just in the lead up to an audition, is critical to keeping your voice healthy and strong. Beyond that, be sure to look after your voice in advance of your audition by keeping your vocal cords hydrated and taking time to rest. Click here for more singing tips from the Director of Song Performance at APAC, Helen Rae Glindemann,

Know the role

This is especially true for an audition in theatre – never go in unfamiliar with the show that you are auditioning for. Take the time to research the company, band or show and go in with an understanding of the expectations and requirements of the position. This will help you prepare for the role and in choosing a song to audition with.

Choose the right song

Speaking of choosing a song, be sure to audition with the right one. Depending on the audition, you may need to research what the company is looking for before deciding on a song. If your audition is in theatre, never sing something from the show itself, unless you are specifically asked to. Instead, choose a song that is similar in style and range to the character you are auditioning for. However, no matter the audition, be sure to select a song that you enjoy and are confident singing, as well as one where you can connect to the message of the song.

Practice your piece

It may be a no brainer, however, the best way to ace a singing audition is to practice, practice, practice! If you have an audition coming up, now is the time to push yourself as a singer and practice whenever you get the chance. With practice, you will gain a better understanding of the melody, stylistic sound, structure and breathing points of your audition song, leaving you feeling more at ease during the audition, allowing you to nail it.

Dress the part

One of the less obvious ways to ace your audition is to acknowledge the unfortunate truth: that singing is a visual industry. Come to the audition as the best version of yourself – clean and ironed clothes, clean shoes and a high attention of detail given to personal grooming. Select an outfit that is comfortable yet stands out and reflects your personality and the music you are performing. While your voice should come first, paying attention to your visual appearance will make the audition panel see that you take both the job and yourself very seriously.

Be professional

The waiting room can be a daunting place, where other auditionees may attempt to psych you out before it’s your turn to audition. Stay focused on yourself and don’t let their tales of “superiority” get to you, and even more important, don’t engage in this behaviour yourself. Beyond that, be sure to be punctual, have copies of your resume and headshots with you and check your schedule for any clashes. Maintaining professionalism will set you apart from the competition and may increase your chances of landing the role.

Make an impression

When it comes to auditioning, first impressions are everything. No matter how nervous you are, enter with confidence and a smile. After all, the audition starts the moment you walk in the door and the panel will be judging your attitude as soon as you step on stage. Give them something to remember – you don’t ace an audition by being forgettable!

Engage your audience

While first impressions count, you need to keep your audience engaged once you start singing too. Avoid looking at the ground and instead maintain eye contact with the judging panel – give them a reason to keep their eyes on you. Make them aware of how much you are enjoying the audition and how this is all you want to do. Keeping the audience engaged will make you more memorable and is a sure fire way to ace the audition.

Thank the panel

Imagine this: two singers have auditioned for the same role. One is a little better than the other, however, is rude during the audition and has a reputation for being difficult. The weaker singer, on the other hand, is always polite and professional. Who do you think got the role? Always thank the panel for their time – even if you think you’ve done terrible and all you want to do is run out of the room as quickly as possible. Even if you feel that you aced the audition, showing your gratitude may well be what sets you apart from the competition.

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Following these tips is just the first step to acing your next audition and becoming a successful singer. To further hone your skills and gain industry connections, consider completing a degree in singing. After all, a bachelor’s degree has become the entry-level benchmark internationally for the industry.

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