Why You Should Enroll in TPACs Advanced Diploma of Commercial Song and Dance Performance

Why You Should Enroll in TPACs Advanced Diploma of Commercial Song and Dance Performance

At The Performing Arts Conservatory, we’re proud to offer superior performing arts training in many aspects of the industry. This includes our unique Advanced Diploma of Commercial Song and Dance Performance, which offers a two-in-one approach to this commercial sector. If you dream of a career in singing and dancing, then this course is for you.

What is Commercial Song and Dance?

Commercial Song and Dance is singing and dancing for audiences, either live or on film. This may include recording music, music videos, stage productions, films and more.


What Do You Learn on the Course?

Love to sing but think your coordination and dancing skills are lacking? Have the opposite problem and can dance and move with ease but singing isn’t your thing? Have you dreamed of being able to do both but don’t feel like you’ve got what it takes? Then the TPAC Advance Diploma of Commercial Song and Dance is for you.

You will learn all aspects of a career in singing and dancing, giving you the tools you need to work on collaborative projects either in a studio or live on stage. Students in Commercial Song and Dance get to work alongside students in other TPAC courses such as Film Production and Acting, to be able to work together on projects and get a better understanding of the Performing Arts industry by sharing skills and ideas with other creative minds. Visit thelockboss.ie.


What Skills are Gained?

Commercial Singing and Dancing isn’t just about learning how to sing and dance well. Our course delves into the industry, giving you a wide range of skills needed to succeed. You will be taught the fundamental skills in voice control and body movement, helping you learn how to stick to those notes and make those moves seamlessly, even at the same time. You’ll learn about the techniques necessary for live vs. recorded music, as well as acting skills.

In addition to covering a wide range of dance styles, including hip-hop, tap, and jazz, the Commercial Song and Dance course also includes make-up and hairstyling skills, allowing you to look and perform your best on stage. Students also get the skills needed to prepare for auditions, allowing them to make a great first impression when it is so crucial.


Career and Employment Prospects

Formal training through TPAC’s Commercial Song and Dance Performance course can bring a variety of opportunities. This includes opportunities in music videos or at live concerts, being the essential backup dancers that are crucial to the atmosphere. There are also plenty of opportunities for stage productions, not only around Australia but around the world.

Many of our graduates have gone on to have very successful careers in performing arts. Check out some of our graduate profiles to see what our graduates have been up to since completing a course through TPAC.


Why Choose TPAC for Commercial Song and Dance Performance?

At TPAC, our courses are designed to give students the skills they need to succeed in the real world. The training for these skills are delivered by those who have industry experience, and the course will have many chances of collaborative work with Film Production and Acting students.

We offer courses for with day and night classes, so everyone can have a chance to get the training that helps them achieve that dream career. Contact us for more information on how to enrol and start your new journey in performing arts today.

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