Truth – Always Stranger Than Fiction

Truth – Always Stranger Than Fiction

As I was watching the incomparable BBC 3-part series, Mrs Wilson, on ABC television recently I was trying to work out whether or not its lead actor, Ruth Wilson, was related to that other brilliant British actor of the 1960’s and 70’s, Sarah Miles. Not only is there (at least to my view) an uncanny resemblance between the two – but they also share equally imposing talents as actors.


Whilst a bit of basic research revealed that they are in fact not related, what was revealed was an astounding back-story to the Mrs Wilson series, and also that Ruth Wilson’s surname is not a mere coincidence.  These articles in the BBC’s Radio Times (refer links) reveal the extraordinary true story behind the series – its players, its intrigue, its surprises, and the some of the challenges and dilemmas faced by actors playing characters who are personally close to them. Truth is certainly stranger – and much more intriguing – than fiction. Go to


Mrs Wilson’s final instalment was broadcast on Sunday night 24 February 2019. If you have not caught up with it yet you absolutely must – either as an actor, a film maker, or simply an observer of astoundingly good television drama check this site out. If you missed it I strongly encourage you to catch up with it on ABC’s iView – and enjoy how the subtlety and nuance builds across the series. Exquisite acting, sensitive direction, stunningly authentic design, fantastic story – and just plain bloody good television drama.


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