Thor Brisbane Thank-You

Thor Brisbane Thank-You

Thor: Ragnarok location manager thanks Brisbane for hospitality in letter to The Performing Arts Conservatory and other local businesses

The letter referred to the shoot in Brisbane last week for Thor: Ragnarok and was addressed to the City of Brisbane. The letter made it clear that while principal filming in Brisbane had been finalised, Brisbane would not be forgotten.

Speaking on behalf of Asgard Productions III and Marvel Studios, the letter said “we travel the world filming in all kinds of locations, and throughout an endless number of cities. Never before have we felt more welcome than during our time in Brisbane.”

The letter also mentioned that ‘Thor Brisbane’ was the number one trend on social media last week. “Thousands of people looked on locally whilst millions watched on globally” the letter continued.

Thor is the biggest Hollywood production to hit Brisbane, ever. And Brisbane proved to be “world class on the Hollywood stage” according to Duncan and the Marvel team. The success of Thor Brisbane could attract Hollywood films to Brisbane in the future. Which is great news for Brisbane actors and crew.

The letter went on to say that the Producers, Crew and Cast sincerely thank Brisbane for all of their support and hospitality, “You’ve won our hearts and exceeded our dreams”. However, the crowds last week proved the feeling was mutual.

Thor has wrapped in Brisbane, however the production is still in full swing on the Gold Coast. The production boasts top talent such as academy award winners Cate Blanchett and Sir Anthony Hopkins. Alongside them are talented locals including Aussie Chris Hemsworth, and Kiwi’s Karl Urban and director Taika Waititi.

Production is still underway on the Gold Coast at MovieWorld, ‘Hollywood on the Gold Coast’. However, after this production Queensland is looking like Hollywood of the Southern Hemisphere.

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