5 Transferable Skills You Learn From Studying Performing Arts

Performing Arts is about performing, putting on a show for others to see whilst expressing yourself, either in front of or behind the camera. Many may not realise that the skills used in various aspects of Performing Arts are transferable and very valuable.

Here are just some of the transferable skills you obtain when studying Performing Arts.


It’s no surprise that Performing Arts is a real confidence booster. The majority of the fear of being on stage is worrying what other people will think of the performance. Part of confidence building is learning to not worry about that so much and to go out and give it your all.

Performing Arts will always come with opinions both negative and positive, but the biggest part of confidence is realising that these opinions will not compromise on who you are and what you are standing for. Having this confidence is fantastic not only for your personal development, but is also a quality which is highly appealing to many employers.


Problem Solving

Performing Arts and the creative processes behind it does not come without its problems. Everyone in the arts will come across some sort of problem they will need to work on to overcome, but Performing Arts courses will teach you how to do so with a creative approach. Difficult decisions usually come with most businesses, and the ability to overcome challenges in Performing Arts will help prepare you for other industries.

Project Management

A stage production, photoshoot, or singing and dancing is often part of a wider project. These projects include several tasks to be completed on a strict timescale and deadlines. These projects are also often set to strict financial budgets. Being able to manage such projects will equip you with the skills to handle a range of other projects. Employers love employees who can demonstrate project management skills.


Being Resourceful

As much as we would love to have budgets that allow for high-quality costumes, superior lighting and all the props we need, as well as unlimited marketing; the reality is that in Performing Arts, we’re often faced with the challenges of being presented with very little to pull off a big project visit this link and find lga airport car service. The key is to not to fret, and be resourceful with what you already have to work with. You don’t need fancy sets and props to put together an amazing performance. You only need someone with a creative mind who can be resourceful with what is available.


Collaborative Working

No matter which direction you go in with the Performing Arts, you will always be working with other people, many of who have the same common goal. However, the way you go about achieving this goal may differ, highlighting the value and importance of strong team working skills. These interpersonal skills enable you to overcome disagreements and form positive compromises when necessary.

Training in Performing Arts is very rewarding, for both personal and career growth, and TPAC is the perfect institution to get your start in. We offer courses in Acting, Filmmaking, Photography and Song and Dance Performance, all taught by industry leaders with a wealth of experience.

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