How to find acting auditions

Is it your dream to become a successful actor? You’ve learnt how to act, performed in some small, local roles, and have prepared a monologue to perfection – now all you need is the chance to audition. However, the kazino ekstra reality is that acting is a competitive industry and finding an audition can sometimes be a real challenge. Luckily, we are here to help. Keep reading to learn how to find acting auditions.

  1. Get an agent

If you are serious about becoming an actor, getting an agent will be a tremendous help in your quest to secure an audition. After all, the acting industry iafc org au is all about connections, and an experienced agent can offer you a huge network of contacts and help secure major auditions. It’s an agent’s job to find auditions for you, leaving you with more time to perfect that monologue.


  1. Use your connections

Speaking of connections… use them. Ask your acting coaches, your fellow actors, and any friends in the industry if they know of any acting opportunities in your area. You never know when an old acting teacher may be able to put in a good word to a casting director, effectively securing your next audition. 


  1. Search for casting calls online

Finding an acting audition can sometimes be as simple as searching the internet. There are many websites that share open casting calls online and your local theatre company probably publishes their latest auditions and casting calls to their website. Just do a simple google search for acting auditions in your city and you’re bound to find a number of potential audition opportunities.


  1. Create an account for audition sites 

Take your online search a step further and create an account to the audition sites found during your initial online search for auditions. Doing so will mean that you can apply for unlimited auditions, be sent job alerts for auditions near you and you can create a talent profile where you may just be scouted by industry pros. Some of these audition sites may incur a subscription fee, however the cost is usually worth the benefits of the membership.


  1. Search social media for opportunities

When searching for acting opportunities online, be sure to check social media as well. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter are all excellent social media sites to help find acting auditions. Check for event pages announcing an upcoming casting call, look under the hashtag #CastingCall on Instagram and Twitter and check if your city has a Facebook group for actors. These groups are used by industry workers to fill roles, hire crew members, and post notices and are a great way to expand your network. Every aspiring actor should be using social media to help further their acting career and find audition opportunities.


Want to become an actor? Consider enrolling in an acting degree.

Knowing how to find acting auditions is just one of many steps to becoming a successful actor. To further hone your skills and gain industry connections, consider completing a degree in acting. After all, a bachelor’s degree has become the entry-level benchmark internationally for the industry.

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