Film Students ask what’s “My Name”?

Film Students ask what’s “My Name”?

Film Students

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Film students at The Performing Arts Conservatory (TPAC) collaborated on a music video, as a film requirement for the Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media program at TPAC. More importantly though, it was an opportunity for students to see where their strengths and weaknesses lie. Both as individual filmmakers and as team members.

“My Name”  is a modern day reworking of a song from Oliver Twist. The film students each directed a segment of the music video, and then they had two editing tasks to complete. A solo and a group edit. Moreover, the film students had to work towards a single vision together.

The first editing task involved the film students creating their own video cut for judging. Then a screening and judging session was held at The Conservatory, which all TPAC students and teachers were invited to take part in. Consequently, student Josh Wegner was crowned the winner, after a vote by a selected panel. The second task consisted of the students working together to create a final edit. And it is this final version that we present here. The final film is a result of their directing, filming and editing collaboration.

“My Name”

Students received the right resources to complete the assessment successfully. This included access to actors from the Advanced Diploma in Screen and Stage Acting program. Students also had the opportunity to receive 1-on-1 and class feedback. Creating music videos in a learning environment is a great way to encourage creativity and story-telling. Furthermore, with a course like TPAC’s Screen and Media program, the only materials needed are the student’s creativity and a willingness to learn

Students shot the film in section 5 and edited it in section 6. They were assessed on their overall ability to work as individuals and as a group.

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