Film Student, to be or not to be

Film Student, to be or not to be

Brisbane film making is on the rise

Have you ever been inspired to write a script? Do you watch movies and wonder how a director made decisions regarding a shot? Do you think you could edit a film? With television stations looking for original work and government funding available for filmmakers, there are an abundance of opportunities for students studying filmmaking in Australia. In addition opportunities have been made available thanks to advances in technology. Movies are being shot on Smart Phones, computers are now built to handle hard-core graphics, and there are video streaming websites for the average Joe (or Joanna). Now you can shoot, edit, and distribute your own work.

Career Opportunities

There are three categories of film production that offer very different career opportunities—pre-production, production, and post-production.

  • Pre-production – ideas are sculpted into production
    • Jobs include producer, screenwriter, casting director
  • Production – the actual creating of the movie or TV show
    • Jobs include directors, boom operators, and camera operators
  • Post-production – the process of editing the film
    • Jobs include editors, assistant editors, and sound effects editors.

Many roles in the film industry are freelance and competition is fierce. Hard work is mandatory and if you have the talent, creativity, persistence, and professionalism, you can succeed.

Study Period

Early immersion into the right film course is important for your growth as a filmmaker, because you will study subjects that ignite your passion. With the right education you will feel safer about putting yourself out there and applying the things you have learned in the real world. So much of movie production is learned through doing and the idea surrounding study is that you are constantly practicing. How well your work turns out is not the point at this stage, you will have plenty of time to create better films in the near future. The key here is to consider studying as a transition from dreaming about making films, or even making them as a hobby, to making films as a professional.

Just do it

Often budding filmmaker’s are told to just pick up a camera and start shooting, but what does that mean? That means years of making mistakes, but why waste all of that time when learning from industry experts is available? Many people also struggle with inner doubt, this is normal, but the perfect remedy for self-doubt is education. A good film school will encourage students to utilise the skills they are learning with confidence. Each project students complete gives them the opportunity to apply the skills they have already learned and build on them.

TPAC’s Screen and Media Film Production course is designed for beginner filmmakers who have a spark of an idea and are looking for a way to grow that idea. In addition, if you don’t know where you want to work in the film industry, the Film Production course will help you decide and give you the edge you need to prosper as a filmmaker. Get started on your road to success by giving The Performing Arts Conservatory a call today.

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