How to Get an Agent in the Film Industry

Aspiring actors have a lot to deal with when it comes to finding work. There are roles and audition to prepare for, contracts to read, schedules to keep up with and more. This is why many actors turn to agents for help. A good agent will keep your best interests in mind whilst helping boost your career with less hassle, yet sometimes finding your perfect agent can be initially frustrating. Every actor will have their own experience when it comes to obtaining an agent in the film industry, but here are some general guidelines to help you find the right one.

Be Dedicated

There is nothing more attractive to an agent than an actor that shows a real passion for their craft. Agents want to know that you are serious about the work involved and that it isn’t just a hobby done casually at the local theatre. You have to have big goals and show a real determination to get there. How do you show this passion? With a large portfolio full of jobs you have already done.

This will probably include an abundance of work you were paid very little for, if at all. It shows you are taking the right steps towards a serious career and are ready to take on better, paid positions.

Act Like You Already Have the Job

Like most jobs, confidence is key in the film world. While it can seem difficult while you struggle to break into the industry, it is important to act like you already have. The confidence shows agents that you have what it takes in this business. This also means getting involved in everything you can, including attending film festivals and jumping on any opportunity to be involved in any film project going.

You will look like you’re ready to get started right away and with the confidence and drive, you will be!

Know Your USP

Do you know where you want your career to go? What is it about you that is going to get you there? You should be able to relay in a few sentences what your unique selling point is.

Agents want to know what it is about you and your skill that sets you apart from the rest and that you’ve got what it takes to be in this for the long term. They need to know what to tell directors, producers, and others in film production what it is that makes you interesting.

Network, Network, Network!

The best way of getting your name out there and meeting as many people in the film industry as possible is to network. The truth is, it can seem awfully lonely not knowing anyone in film, making it difficult to break into the business. In this case, it is really about who you know.

Let people know that you are looking for an agent. They might know someone directly, or even know someone who knows someone, who is an agent taking on new clients and can put a word in for you to help get your portfolio in front of them. Networking can be powerful, so take every opportunity you can to do so. Social media is great for networking, but you should also take advantage of any face-to-face opportunities too.

Be a Professional

Kindness and professionalism will get you far in your search for an agent. Agents are acting as representatives, so they want to put forward the best clients they know are great to work with. It is their reputation on the line here, so you want to show an agent that you not only have the professional skills needed, but also the personality to match. You want them to be able to say with confidence to someone in the industry that they have a wonderful client.

You need to show your professionalism from the moment you make contact with a prospective agent (or even with someone from their office). Be friendly in any communication and follow through with promises to follow-up. Show that you are good for your word and that you are self-disciplined enough to stick to your own schedules.

An Agent Alone Will Not Guarantee Success

While having an agent is a great way to take your career further, they aren’t for everyone. However, what will definitely help develop your skills and make you desirable to filmmakers is professional training with an acting course.

TPAC offer this through our Stage and Screen Acting Course. This course will give you the skills you need to understand your style, analyse scripts, the auditioning process and much more. The course also looks at how to obtain the right international working visas and even goes further in-depth on how to find the perfect agent.

Learn more about our 10672NAT Advanced Diploma in Stage and Screen Acting and contact us to speak to someone about how to join the next course.

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