Why You Should Enrol in a TPAC Course in 2018

Why You Should Enrol in a TPAC Course in 2018

It’s no secret that jobs in the creative industry are in demand. The entertainment industry is changing and growing all the time, so the need for high-quality applicants is there. Theatre and performance careers offer exciting opportunities where no two days are the same. Performing Arts courses from The Performing Arts Conservatory is a great way to start this new thrilling chapter.

Photography and Photo Imaging

CUA50915 Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging is an innovative course designed for those who want to be behind the camera. You’ll learn about all the aspects of modern photography, including how to produce digital and commercial images. You will get the chance to explore colour management techniques and the emotive nature of light.

Our course gives you the tools you need to become an independent contractor, including training on planning, budgeting, and marketing. We encourage students to show off their own unique style and help them build the skills needed to succeed in the industry.

Screen and Stage Acting

Born to be on the stage? Then TPAC’s 10672NAT Advanced Diploma of Screen and Stage Acting is the course for you. We aim to give students the confidence to get on stage or in front of a camera and give that performance of a lifetime. Our training includes how to audition for film and television, reading and analysing scripts, headshots and how to obtain the right agent.

You’ll learn about foreign dialects to help open your prospects, and identify your castable type for marketing. Furthermore, other aspects of the acting industry are also covered in this course; such as how to obtain working visas for roles around the world. You will graduate with a comprehensive understanding of the acting world with a robust support system to help open doors into the industry.

Screen and Media Film Production

If you have a story to tell the world, enrolling in TPAC’s CUA60615 Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media course will equip you with all the skills needed to do so successfully. All aspects of the 2D and 3D filmmaking world are covered from script writing to lighting to post-production and everything in-between. You will also gain a comprehensive understanding of pitching the concept, budgeting, marketing, and sales. The wide range of training allows students to have a greater appreciation for the whole filmmaking process, giving a better understanding of where they specifically want to apply their skills.

Commercial Song and Dance Performance

TPAC has a uniquely designed course for those aspiring singers and dancers who want to further their career in the music and music video industry. Australia’s first and only 10441NAT Advanced Diploma of Commercial Song and Dance Performance at TPAC is two courses in one, giving students essential training in voice and body movement, building on existing skills and developing new ones to feel confident in a studio and in front of large crowds. You will get the chance to work on real-world projects and build a showreel before finishing the course.

Why Choose TPAC?

TPAC is proud of their reputation as an accomplished performing Arts training provider. We not only offer a range of quality courses that are sure to set you on the path to success looking san diego airport to escondido, but we also offer career advice and support long after graduation. Many of our graduates have gone on to have successful careers in the creative industry at locations around the world. TPAC offer both day and night classes so that everyone gets the chance to get the right training around their schedule.

Take that first step into your career with a TPAC class. Enrolment is now open for courses starting in March 2018. Don’t delay in signing up. Apply online today or contact us to speak to one of our friendly advisors for more information on any of our courses and answer any questions.

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