The Best Photography Tips You Can Give Female Talent

The Best Photography Tips You Can Give Female Talent

Being a photographer on set doesn’t mean you’re there just to take pictures. Photographers have the responsibility of finding the best shots possible, and on a model set, this means advising as to the best poses possible. The right pose can make all the difference between a good and a great photograph.

Tips For Professional Photographers

Getting this Basic Shots

Fashion shoots for online stores, brochures and lookbooks are pretty basic shots, but it is still important to get the right pose from your model to be able to show off the fashion on offer. They are should not be complicated. Start by asking your model to have a natural, relaxed body and start by turning the head and body in different directions including into the light, slightly to the left or right of the camera, and right into the lens.

The Seated Pose

A seated pose can often allow more movement than a standing one. The first thing to consider is which angle you are shooting the model from, such as from below, at the model’s height, or from above. If a chair is used in the shoot, ensure it suits them. Models are often in danger of appearing uncomfortable and awkward when positioned next to inappropriately sized props.

Capturing Beauty

Beauty shots are amongst the most difficult as every single tiny detail needs to be kept into consideration and be perfect. It is recommended that for beauty shots, the photographer does not shoot from below as the chin and nostrils will be too obvious.

It’s the jawline that defines the shape of the face, so use lighting to your advantage in creating the perfect shadow to highlight this and ask your model to move her jaw appropriately.

Hands are also often featured in beauty poses, so ask models to position them naturally. If this is a headshot, this may be on their face or near their collar. Half or full-body shots could have models resting arms and hands on knees or on an object.

Showing Movement

Getting that movement shot takes a lot of skill from both the photographer and the model. We can often pull a funny face in movement but encourage your model to have as normal of an expression as possible. This also goes with hands and fingers. When we jump, for example, our bodies move instinctively with knees and arms up, so remind your model to be mindful of what their body is doing during movement.

Ready to Get that Winning Photo?

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