10672 NAT Advance Diploma of Screen and Stage Acting

Do you dream of an acting career in film or on stage? Make it happen with our award-winning, industry-acclaimed 10672 NAT Advance Diploma of Screen and Stage Acting.


Australian Performing Arts Conservatory’s (APAC) 10672NAT Advance Diploma of Screen and Stage Acting has been offered for over twenty years. Based on an American teaching model it combines both Stanislavski (method acting) and Meisner (behavioural acting) methods.

10672 NAT Advance Diploma of Screen and Stage Acting

The skills and tools obtained at APAC equip students for film and stage work all over the world. Some of the benefits of the Acting program include:


  • APAC students are extensively assessed in class, in front of the camera, and in our public performance stage exams.
  • The opportunity to work directly with in-house directors from our CUA60615 Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media.
  • Students leave APAC with a high quality show reel of their work, as evidence for casting agents. 
  • Career Planning units empower students to confidently enter the work place, covering aspects such as head shots, choosing an agent, understanding their castable age and type, working in larger markets, obtaining the correct working Visa’s, reading contracts—and much more. 

Students will develop practical skills through units that incorporate voice, speech, standard American dialect, physical storytelling, improvisation, and script analysis—just to name a few.


Additionally, as the founders of The Society of Australian Fight Directors Incorporated, APAC also offers ACTUAC601 Perform Staged Unarmed Combat and ACTSWO601 Perform Staged Swordplay exclusively in our curriculum. 

Students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of stage and screen theories and performance styles across historical periods and cultures, to inform approaches to contemporary creative practice.
  • Critically evaluate and reflect on performance to develop artistry.
  • Generate contextually appropriate creative outputs, demonstrating a confluence of high-level academic, technical and practical skills.
  • Collaborate and develop relationships across multiple creative disciplines to facilitate professional level performance and production outcomes.
  • Develop neoteric storytelling content through investigation, innovation, and interdisciplinary practice.
  • Apply communication, public relations, and promotional skills in the marketing of productions.
  • Understand and apply professional career strategies and markets to enhance employability.
  • Conduct basic research, identifying and utilising relevant, reliable, credible, high-quality sources and information.
  • Apply physical, vocal, technical and emotional skills across: preparation/research, rehearsal, and performance components of the full production process.

Duration: Two years of full-time study to complete.

Delivery: Face-to-face in Brisbane

To undertake this course, participants must meet the following two requirements:


1. Education


Hold a minimum year 12 standard of Education.


2. Interview


Pre-course entry interview to establish suitability for course, intentions for approach to study and commitment to the performance industry.

Australian Performing Arts Conservatory’s 10672NAT Advanced Diploma of Screen and Stage Acting is supported by the Actors Union, M.E.A.A (Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance) and is equal to two years of working credit.

APAC is one of the most reputable acting school in Brisbane. We offer 10672 NAT Advance Diploma of Screen and Stage Acting, a Bachelor of Screen and Stage (Acting) and casual acting classes in Brisbane

Kick start your career at APAC!

Advanced Diploma of Screen and Stage Acting
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