5 Things to Do to Ensure You Are Memorable to Casting Directors

Casting directors have the job of finding the right actor or actress to fill a specific role. To do this, they hold auditions that could literally see hundreds of actors walk through the doors to read for the role. This sounds daunting to many aspiring actors, but there are ways you can make sure you make a great impression that sticks with all those involved. Here are five things to do to ensure you are memorable to casting directors.

Be confident

We’re told all the time that we should be confident in approaching any audition, and that’s because it is absolutely essential. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done in many instances. It’s okay to be nervous as that comes naturally, but it’s about not letting that show through during your audition. Think about how you would ideally approach an audition if nerves and insecurity weren’t an issue. How would you act and speak? Once you have this idea, walk into the audition as this confident person as if you are already in character. Remember to take a deep breath, make eye contact and keep your head held high!

Don’t seek validation

As part of being confident, you should know that whatever you gave during your audition was enough. Take solace in knowing that. Don’t ask a director after the audition if that was okay or good enough, because it was! Simply say thank you with a smile before leaving the room.

Do something different

The best way to stand out from the crowd is by being different! Once you have read about the role, how do you interpret it? Is it that straightforward that everyone else will be offering the same style? Get creative in your interpretation of the character. After all, this is what the casting director wants to see – different versions of the role that will help inspire them.

Think of yourself as equal

A casting director has the ultimate control over the auditioning process, but you should never feel at their mercy. Think of yourself as their equal (because you are!) and you will be treated accordingly. When you enter the room, ask them how they are doing and comment on something about the day. Make small talk, but don’t get too chatty since there are others waiting behind you. Ultimately, casting directors want to work with people they can get on with, so if you show you can be that person, then it will really work in your favour.

Already act like a colleague

As previously mentioned, you are equal to the casting director and should act as such. Remember you are both people in the same industry, so treat them as if they are already a respected colleague of yours. It doesn’t mean to act like you have already got the job, as this can come off as cocky, something they don’t want to see. Treating them as a respected colleague will see you get the same in return.

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